Looking for something unique for your event?  Then let us design cupcakes to coordinate with the theme of your event.  Whether it is a camouflage themed party or for an elegant wedding we can do it all.

We also custom design our own cupcake stands which can be coordinated for your event.

 $30 per dozen; up to  two flavour choices


Classic - Vanilla or Chocolate cupcake topped with vanilla or chocolate buttercream.

Banana Split - Banana cupcake filled with chocolate ganache, topped with vanilla and strawberry swirl buttercream, sprinkled with nuts and topped off with a cherry.

Boston Cream -Vanilla cupcake filled with vanilla cream and dipped in chocolate.

Carrot Cake - A moist carrot cake baked with pineapple and pecans, topped with cream cheese buttercream.

Cookie Dough - Chocolate cupcake with chocolate chip cookie dough baked inside, topped with vanilla buttercream and a mini chocolate chip cookie.

Death By Chocolate - Chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate ganache, topped with chocolate buttercream and drizzled with chocolate.

German Chocolate - Chocolate cupcake filled with german chocolate filling and topped with chocolate buttrcream and a dollop of german chocolate.

PB & J - Chocolate cupcake, filled with raspberry preserves and topped with peanut butter buttercream.

Peanut Butter Cup - Chocolate cupcake, filled with chocolate peanut butter ganache, topped with peanut butter buttercream, a mini peanut butter cup and drizzled with chocolate.

Red Velvet/Blue Velvet - Our decadent red or blue velvet cupcake topped with cream cheese buttercream.

S'Mores - Chocolate cupcake, filled with chocolate ganache, topped with marshmallow buttercream and crushed graham crackers.

White Hot Chocolate - Vanilla cupcake, filled with vanilla cream, topped with vanilla buttercream, mini marshmallows, white chocolate chips and drizzled in white chocolate.


$40 per dozen; up to two flavour choices


Bailey's - Chocolate Chip cake laced with Baileys, topped with Baileys frosting.

Blue Hawaiian

Caramel Appletini - Cinnamon Apple cake laced with Apple Vodka, topped with Apple Vodka frosting.


Irish Car Bomb

Jack & Coke

Lemon Drop - Lemon cake laced with vodka, topped with Vodka Lemon Buttercream frosting.

Margarita - Lime cake laced with Tequila, topped with Margarita Buttercream frosting and sprinkled with sea salt.

Mudslide - Chocolate cake laced with Kahlua, topped with Kahlua Buttercream frosting.

Peach Bellini - Champagne cupcake with Peach Buttercream frosting.

Pina Colada - Coconut and Pineapple cake laced with Rum, topped with Pineapple & Rum Buttercream frosting.